Marketing for Realtors

See the links below to obtain Marketing Material and Listing Flyers 24 -7.  I can do them for you anytime, but you can also have access in the middle of the night.  *smile*  That is one time I might not answer the phone.  I have to set you up prior to using, so just email me a request with your picture attached and I will reply when your set up is complete.  To make it easy, I will use your email address. Your picture, contact information and logo will auto populate in your listing flyers.  If downloading software is something you call the Geek Squad for, I can set it up for you.  Let's make an appointment.   Use the link below to download the software.  Hit "Run" when prompted. It will create a link on your desktop. If you have Vista like me, print the "Special Instructions".  Call me anytime with questions.

     Marketing Download for Realtors                        Special Instructions for Vista Users - PDF